wsv Almere Haven

A pleasant, small and well maintained campsite at the harbour premises of Water Sports Club Almere Haven for mobile homes, caravans and tents on steady grass fields. The yachtclub & camping lies at the 'Gooimeer' (Gooi lake) so the beach for public swimming and surfing in nearby at ca. 120 meters.
Guests are the whole year trough welcome and will find free toilets, showers, water and WiFi and also coin operated wash- and dry machines and electricity. You are even so welcome at our clubhouse with an ‘A la carte Brasserie’ and season terrace.
The camp places gives you a view on the ships in the haven but at the same time shops are nearby on 200 meters and you will find public (bus) transport at 350 meters which bus goes 4 times an hour to Amsterdam.
When you bring a boat with you one can use the slope and sail at the Gooimeer (Gooi Lake) but renting a bike is also possible or a walk with your dog outside in the park.
The use of the pours out for chemical toilets and the dirt water from mobile homes / campers is free of charges and there is no tourist tax to pay. CCTV protection at the camp site.

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Sluiskade 11 1353 BT Almere GPS Latitude (N): 52.195611 GPS Longtitude (E): 5.130163
Almere, Flevoland, Холандија


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Кампови у Almere, Flevoland, Холандија

wsv Almere Haven

Sluiskade 11 1353 BT Almere GPS Latitude (N): 52.195611 GPS Longtitude (E): 5.130163
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