Villaggio Turistico Europeo

If you are considering the Villaggio Turistico Europeo for your next holiday you are choosing a place that differentiates itself thanks to its familiar and dynamic environment.
Not only does it have a gorgeous private beach, but also a favorable geographical position that will allow you to easily explore the rest of the Island, its nice beaches, picturesque villages, and archeological sites.
The village will welcome you on a 6 hectare area immersed in a natural and protected oasis with eucalyptus trees on the wonderful Ionic Sea.
One of its biggest strengths is its large and private golden sandy beach, surrounded by tropical plants and palms and supplied with beach umbrellas made of palm leaves, perfect for enjoying a relaxing sea holiday with your family and friends. There are no extra expenses inside the Village and the use of the beach with its facilities is included. The Village offers a wide range of services : entertainment and disco for children and adults, a restaurant with typical Mediterranean and Sicilian dishes specially with fresh fish, a pizzeria with a brick oven , coin operated washing machines, 2 bars, snack point, market, children’s swimming pool, a playground for kids, a table tennis area, a beach volley court ( well-light also during the night), night vigilance and much more.

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Viale Kennedy 91
Catania, Sicily, Италија


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