Durras Lake North Holiday Park

The campground is in a sheltered bushland setting surrounded by the Murramarang National Park. All campsites are flat and are ideal for tents, campervans, camper trailers or small caravans. The camping ground is designed for those wanting a traditional South Coast camping experience. You will feel as if you really are camping in the bush rather than in a caravan park.

The campsites are very popular with overseas visitors who are amazed at the abundance of wildlife. Kangaroos are guaranteed to be seen. Your campsite may be visited by Goannas, Kookaburras, Parrots, Possums and maybe a Bandicoot. Great photo opportunities.

Every campsite has its own small fireplace. (Firewood is available for purchase). We even have marshmallows to toast over your camp fire. A great way to relax after a day of exploring the nearby Durras Lake, Durras Beach and bushland.

The majority of campsites are located on a terraced hillside with towering Spotted Gum trees providing shade.

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57 North Durras Road DURRAS NORTH 2536
Durras Lake North, New South Wales, Australia


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Кампови у Durras Lake North, New South Wales, Australia

Durras Lake North Caravan Park

Durras Lake North, Durras North Road.
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Durras Lake North Holiday Park

57 North Durras Road DURRAS NORTH 2536
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